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Frida Select Tasting Room has architecture, art, colors and decoration like any other. Created on the foundations of the first chapel of Guadalupe Valley with an antiquity of over 70 years. The original structure, its stained glass and the adobe with which it was built, remains in our tasting room.

Our Wines

¡Vid a la Vida! 2016


Our blend of Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc with notes of Syrah gives us a bright cherry red rosé, with a light medium body in which we can perceive fresh berries, cherries, watermelon and plum scents. In taste, we find the same flavors that evoke fresh red fruits, with refreshing sweet aftertaste.

Latidos 2016


This 100% Syrah with 13 months in French oak barrels gives us a dark red and dominant body wine. In it we can find strong aromas of black and red pepper, tobacco and slightly smoked spices; in taste, we perceive tobacco accompanied by cranberries, plums, raspberries and we reencounter with light notes of the peppers, with a long and slightly velvety ending.

Diego 2016


Nebbiolo, Cabernet Franc and Carignan blend with 12 months in new French and American oak barrel. Ruby red color with scents of wood and black fruits such as figs and cherries. Flavors of spices such as clove and vanilla, fresh plum and cassish (blackcurrant). Exotic and interesting as Frida’s love to Diego.

Pasión de Frida 2014


Our Premium 100% Nebbiolo with 14 months in new French and American oak barrels. With a burnt red color and scents of spices, truffles, dried violets, prunes and dark chocolate. Flavors of mature red fruits, plum and hibiscus persist in the mouth.

Our Tequilas

They are from Tequila Selecto, in Amatitlán, Jalisco, a company that has over 50 years operating. Tres Toños is one of the different labels they have, and you can taste them in our facilities.

Tres Toños Tequila Blanco (silver)

100% tequila of a crystalline color, scents of cooked agave, with a silky texture and a fresh and tongue-numbing end.

Tres Toños Tequila Reposado (rested)

100% tequila, 5 months in American oak barrels that had bourbon, pale gold color, scents of agave honey, with a medium silkiness, herbal flavors with a warm and soft end.

Tres Toños Tequila Añejo (Aged)

100% tequila, 18 months in white oak barrels that had bourbon. With a semi bright golden yellow color, and vanilla and caramel scents. With honey flavors and a dry end.

Tres Toños Tequila Extra Añejo (Aged)

100% tequila, aged for 42 months in white oak barrels, an amber like golden color with a silky texture and scents of dried fruits and agave honey. With wood, coconut and smokey flavors and a long ending.


Come and live the magical experience “Del Arte al Vino“ at Casa Frida Valle de Guadalupe.

We have tastings of our wines:
¡Vid a la Vida!
Pasión de Frida

We also have tastings of our four tequila presentations accompanied by different mixers to enhance the flavors of each of them.
Silver tequila with lemon and onion and garlic ashes.
Rested tequila accompanied by tanned habaneros peppers.
Aged tequila accompanied by coffee and sugar.
Extra aged tequila accompanied by caramel-coated nuts and guajillo pepper.

También tenemos degustaciones de nuestras cuatro presentaciones de tequila donde los acompañamos con distintos mezcladores para realzar los sabores de cada una de ellas.

-Tequila Blanco acompañado de limón con cenizas de cebolla y ajo.

-Tequila Reposado acompañado de habaneros curtidos.

-Tequila Añejo acompañado de café y azúcar.

-Tequila Extra Añejo acompañado de frutos secos garapiñados y chile guajillo.

Main Tasting Room

Our main tasting room is planned for late summer 2018. We used wood and recycled materials in the construction of our room.

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