Reservations and cancellation policies

All cancellations must be requested 72 hours before your scheduled reservation and 48 hours to reschedule.

To cancel or request changes to your reservation, please use the links provided on your reservation’s confirmation e-mail (each link is unique to a reservation).

In case of no show or canceling without the required advance notice the company will not be able to refund or reschedule if the changes are not made with the advance notice required stated before. Any claims through the bank or payment app will not apply if the cancellation was not made in time and form, and the client will cover any fees or commissions originated by any claims.

If you need further assistance please email us at Or call (646) 113 48 36 or (646) 286 38 95. Customer service is available Monday through Sunday, from 9am to 5pm.

Reservation protocols

Due to protocols set by authorities, to respect your reservation we ask that your party or a representative arrives on time. If you and your party should arrive after your reservation hour with no previous notice of a minimum 24hrs, we would have to send your party to our waiting list (if there is one at your arrival), We do not provide a refund in case of no show.

Your booking deposit will be counted toward the total check. Booking deposit doesn’t include service fee. We don’t have any cover fees at the entrance.

Your advance payment complies with our minimum consumption protocol. This payment will go towards your total bill. If the total amount is not used in your final bill on your programed visit, we can not give change in cash or credit for further visits. But any remaining amount can be use in food or beverages/ bottles to go.

Admission only for over 18.

Please be advised that the person that reserves will need to present a photo ID to make the reservation effective. We will not be able to give the table to anyone else or get the bill started without the reservation owner presenting ID. At the moment your bill is ready we will ask for the owner of the reservation to be present with oficial ID to sign the ticket.

We can not provide refunds after your appointment or change in case you did not spend all the advanced payment, we can provide wine, food, etc as take out.

Please note that all reservations only provide access to the number of people in your reservation, we cannot admit more people than the ones stated in the reservation.

Each area is reserved separately and the advance payment will be available only in the area were your reservation was made. We require  that our guest respect all protocols put in place by authorities, including that all beverage service must be accompanied by food, otherwise we cannot grant access or provide service.

We have a limit of 2 hour service in all areas.

We are restricted to availability in every area and give preference to our guest with reservation. We ask that our guest don’t bring any outside food or beverages.

In Cava Chavela area we requiere a 50% advance payment. The rest will be charged at your arrival. Please arrive 10mins before your reservation, it’s a shared experience and no one enters (no exception) after the doors are closed and the tasting has commenced. So we ask for punctuality or the reservation will be lost.