Secreto Tasting Room

“Secret Wine tasting room full of colorfull surprises, we invite you to submerge your self in the middle of nature and enjoy all of bajas and mexicos gifts”

Welcome to our reservation system, it will be our pleasure to share with you the colorful, flavourful and emotional experience of Casa Frida.
Please follow the instructions so we can attend to your reservation request.

Each area is reserved separately and the advance payment will be available only in the area were your reservation was made.

We are restricted to availability in every area and give preference to our guest with reservation.

Your booking deposit will be counted toward the total check. Booking deposit doesn’t include service fee.

If you need further assistance please email us at Or call (664) 113 48 36. Customer service is available Tuesday through Sunday, from 9am to 5pm.

Your party surpasses 20 people? Take a look at our Blue Velvet Room

The experiences

Classic Wine Tasting
4 tastings $400.00m.n. per person:

Sauvignon Blanc
Miradas (red wine)
Latidos (red wine)

Nicho Selecto Tequila Premium Tasting
4 tastings $500.00m.n. per person:

Nicho Selecto Blanco (white)
Nicho Selecto Reposado
Nicho Selecto Añejo (aged)
Nicho Selecto Extra Añejo (extra aged)
Nicho Selecto Cristalino

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